Dojo Rules

Hellenic Aikido Aikikai
Dojo Rules

Budo rules are followed not for restriction but for education. Members of Hellenic Aikido Aikikai should respect the Budo spirit of Aikido and their behavior should be in accordance with this spirit. Along with the ranking, a deeper understanding of the  Budo spirit of Aikido and its etiquette should be obtained.
All members of  Hellenic Aikido Aikikai should be able to present their membership cards, in every Keiko/Lesson and seminar they attend. Annual doctor’s statement for non severe health problems and ability for exercise is required. Whenever personal data ( address, phone number , e.t.c.) change, members have to inform the Dojo and renew the information as soon as possible at their dojo.

Rules inside the hall of Dojo

1.   Aikido Dojo hall, like every Budo Dojo, is a hallow place used for Keiko & when inside, all members have to behave in accordance with the Aikido spirit.
2.   Entering & exiting Dojo hall should be preceded by a bow towards inside.
3.   All the facilities in Dojo hall (changing room, toilet, observing area, shoe rack space) are for public use and each member has to concern about been kept tidy, neat and clean. Cleaning of Dojo hall is taking place in a regular basis voluntarily by all members.
4.   No one is allowed to enter Office space without permission by Sensei/Instructor.
5.   Inside the Dojo hall,  the changing room and the observing area, students should behave respectively and always speak in low voice.

Rules for inside Dojo

1.   When entering the Dojo, students feelings or temper have to be ready for Keiko.
2.   When entering or exiting the Dojo, a bow towards the Shomen in standing position should be preceded.
3.   Students should never sit or stand watching, with their backs facing the Shomen, in respect to the hallow section of the Dojo.
4.   Before or after Keiko students should practice & always speak in low voice.
5.   Students must show respect and behave in a well- mannered way towards the Sensei / Instructor.  Respectively, Sensei and Instructor should also show respect to students and behave as leaders.
6.   Everybody has to behave mannered and respectfully to each other following the proper etiquette (bow, answer and greet)
7.   At the start of and in the end of every Keiko, students face towards the Shomen, line up and sit quietly in Seiza position. Students   are taking their place to the mat, and the highest ranking students (Yudansha) are sitting at the rightmost.
8.   In the start of Keiko students and Sensei/Instructor greet each other with a bow saying “Onegai shimasu” meaning lets all learn from each other. At the time of bow in the end of Keiko students and Sensei greet each other saying “Domo Arigato gozaimashita, while the students add “Sensei”, meaning thank you for the teaching. Then Sensei says ‘Otagai ni Rei’ and all students bow to each other to greet and  show respect regardless of rank. This etiquette is followed due to respect to oneself, to each other and to the Dojo, and not, by any means, in a religious way.
9.   Each member that would like to practice more after Keiko should get permission from Sensei/Instructor.

The rules of punctuality

1.   Students should arrive early at the Dojo, change in Gi (training uniform) before Keiko and be aware of the daily needs that may occur in order to maintain optimum condition in the Dojo. When Keiko is about to start, they have to be seated in Seiza position in the Dojo. During Keiko they have to be in a calm state of mind.
2.   When late for Keiko, students should wait at the entrance of Dojo for permission and instructions by Sensei.
3.   In case Sensei/instructor is late, high rank students lead the others to start Keiko from the warm up and have to make contact with Sensei .
4.   When students need to leave Keiko earlier, they should inform Sensei and ask for his permission.
5.   There is no need to state the reason for the delay or early leaving, but it should be a reason of importance.

Personal hygiene

In respect to others and to avoid injuries personal hygiene matters should be taken care of in every Keiko.
1.   The nails must be kept short.
2.   For female students, avoid make-up, nail polish, during Keiko.
3.   Changing outfit is allowed only in the changing room.
4.   Shoes are strictly prohibited in the changing rooms.
5.   Always assure that shoes and sandals have been neatly placed in the proper place.
6.   Inside the Dojo Dojo please respect the hallow place and set your mobile-phone into silent mode.

Inform your personal condition

1.   Students should report health problems to Sensei/instructor in advance.
2.   In case of sickness or injury during  Keiko, the Sensei/instructor should be informed immediately without hesitation or shyness.
3.   Information about medical historical record must be told in advance.

Training out-fit

1.   Students have to wear Aikido-Gi during Keiko.
2.   Yudansha/  Black belt, have to wear Hakama.
3.   Information (size etc.) for Keiko outfit, should be asked  in the office.  
4.   If Aikido-Gi is not available, training pants and T-shirts are allowed, but no shorts or spats.
5.   To avoid opening the front part students can put the string-ribbon to tide up.
6.   Female students have to wear white T-shirts inside the Gi.( or T-shirts in light color).
7.   Students have to be bare feet during the Keiko. Socks are allowed in case of hygiene issues with Sensei’s permission. For use outside of the Dojo sandals are required.
8.   Long hair should be tide.
9.   For students who make use of glasses: Εach person is responsible to take care about this matters. Generally avoid wearing glasses without protection ( for example: put sports- stopper band on the glasses) during Keiko.
No accessories of any kind are allowed during Keiko.

Rule for the personal belongings

1.   Each person is responsible for his personal belongings
2.   Dojo Dojo will not assume any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal belongings.
3.   Personal belongings are not allowed to stay overnight, or for days in changing room, unless permission is given from the Sensei.

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